Thursday, 3 November 2011

Working on Crows 8

Here's some progress from tonight on Crows 8 - It's really coming together.  It's a big larger than some of the others, its 18" x 24", so it'll take a BIT of extra time to complete.

I'm feeling a nice looseness to this one that is enjoyable. It feels very 'sectioned', and slightly mechanical. I'm not sure yet how far I will push the line work in the background, there's always a point in my work that i hit when it feels nicely integrated, and I just know its time to stop. It's not there yet, but its on its way. I will probably do another layer of paint work too, to add to the richness/depth of the piece and maybe add a contrasting colour.

Also here's a pencil beginning to the next piece, an eagle :)

I'm planning to have 3 or 4 canvases ready, half in progress, by Friday (already have three) as Saturday I will be drawing at Bird on a Wire for 5 hours and want to have a wealth of options to work on.

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