Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Crows, Crows...and Sushi

I had a really good day at the studio today.

I worked on two newer crow pieces. Paint stages on three pieces complete and ready to be drawn on, tomorrow at the weekly drawing jam that me and friends partake in at a local (licensed) coffee shop.

I also decided I could continue to push my looseness in my mark making by making lots and lots of little studies. I picked up some small, 6" x 6" panels and start/finish a work within 30 minutes. Really loosens me up for larger pieces! This is also allowing me to play around with colour combinations, experimental marks, etc. On the wall in my studio i have a wish list of subject matter, and for quite a while I have wanted to do a large series of small sushi pieces. This seems like the perfect opportunity. Expect lots of these popping up in the next few weeks, leading into my two upcoming shows!

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