Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Crows 10 and 11...I think...

It's getting harder to keep track. Before my next show in two weeks, I'll have to make sure I have all the numbers correct!

Here's two pieces I started tonight. One of them got the drawing and painting treatment (first layers of each...my pieces usually get two stages of drawing, two stages of painting - in a staggered order - drawing, painting, drawing, painting.) The other one got a bunch of the first drawing stage done. I dont want to take it too far, as I like to have plenty of white space for the cool effects of the paint to show through.

There is a noticable looseness developing in my drawings. This is good. I believe this is due to three factors: The more drawing that occurs, the more likely it is for the drawing lines to become looser and freer. Second, I have started to integrate fatter markers into my roster of drawing materials. I always work with various weights of marker-pens, but this fat chisel helps with the expressive marks. Lastly, my brush work is always quite spontaneous and free, and it was only a matter of time before the drawing adapted this a bit more.

I'm quite happy with these drawings, and am very excited to paint on them (further).

PS coming tomorrow - all the work I did this weekend...it was a big one... (still processing all the documentation)

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