Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Lizards and Certain Natural Misfortunes

I'm interested in the varying surface textures of the animals that I have been creating art about recently. The leathery skin of a rhinoceros or an iguana, and the tough beaks of birds, and the layered feathers of crows. I enjoy capturing these likenesses while using the opportunity to explore artistic freedom of paint, line work, and the integration of the two.

I source endless images for my pieces. Tonight I started a new work that combines a rooster and an iguana. Its mostly a 'visual blend', not so much a hybrid creature, but the integration process was still incredibly fun.

It's always important to explore new things with one's work to keep it fresh and exciting. I am stoked about this new approach, as when it comes time to paint it I will have some interesting opportunities to combine and separate the two images through colour and brush mark-making.

Another in-progress iguana is below as well, the drawing into the paint marks on this one are quite exciting to me. I may not go too far on that for this particular piece, I like the minimal presence of just some integration between paint and line in the background. The directional flow is interesting.

Enjoy! More progress pics of the "Igroostadon" coming this week as it shapes up.

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