Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Hybrid Animal Pieces

My fascination with the surface textures and other interesting components of the various animals I have been using as subject matter lately has led me to experimenting with the combination of different animals visually in the same piece. For now, they aren't necessarily overly integrated as hybrid animals, but I've focused more on an interesting visual blending of two (in the future I would like to expand on this).

This is an exciting twist on the work as of late as it opens up new visual possibilities and allows for interesting contrast of visual components. The crow, mixed with the crab claws and legs, for example, is fun. The soft feathers versus the hardened carapace reminds me of the messed up things us artists can do :)

The images below show further progress on my "Igroostadon" piece, and the first stages of the crow/crab ("Crooster" anyone?)

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