Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Phoenicopterus Roseus 2

I just final-documented this new piece. I dig it.

16" x 16"
Ink and acrylic on canvas

Owls, Parrots and Sushi Galore!

I'm developing a subseries of parrots lately. I like them because the colours are so bright and varied, so it really allows a lot of artistic play.

The owl piece below is also in progress but coming along nicely. I'm liking the green/red scheme but I think it needs a bit more highlight colour variation.

The sushi is a new batch. Previously I had done 100 of them, I just wrapped up a fresh batch of 10 more. I want to get another 15 done this week in time for my show this weekend (Harmony Arts at Ambleside Park in West Vancouver)

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Working On My Parrot

Here's one of my several parrot pieces currently on the go. This one is 24" x 24", which is one of my favorite sizes to work. It's perfect for being small enough to carry around town to work on remotely, and large enough that I can still get expressive with the paint and line work.

This piece is fun because it is using different colours right now. Not sure where they will go yet but I'm always excited to see how these things pan out! (I like to work spontaneously)

Friday, 20 July 2012

Working on an Owl

Hey. This new piece is a 24" x 24" owl piece. My girlfriend and I are collaborating on it and I'm pretty stoked on the progress so far. This picture's colours are way off (its not anywhere near that yellow..) but next time I'll take a picture in better light, so that my phone won't through the colours way off :)

This pic is really just to show the ink work anyways, so disregard radioactive yellow :)

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Working on a Pink Flamingo

One thing I dig the most about my city is that I live so close to several beaches. In the nice weather, I head down to the water after work hours to work on a painting. Last night I worked on two - I'm getting close to finishing the flamingo piece below (I love this subject, it's the second time I've done a piece about one. I don't know if its the colours, or the shapes in the face, but its so much fun!) and I'm starting a slightly larger parrot piece (24" x 24"). Both of these are going to be ready for my next show, which is in just a couple of weeks at Ambelside Park here in Vancouver (Harmony Arts Festival).

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Some Painting In The Sun

I live in a pretty decent apartment in my neighborhood in Vancouver. Decent...in that it's old and cool and has character and is near the beach. I don't particularly care for "nice" places or condos - I want to feel some weight to the beams and sense that there is a history there.

One thing this means, however, is that my pad has no balcony. In the nice weather, I set up my gear and paint/draw on the lawn out front.

Last night after work I jammed on some new sushi pieces (fresh batch of 10 started) and worked on a smaller 16" x 16" flamingo. Two progress shots of him are also below. 

Monday, 16 July 2012

Third Annual Whistler Paint Off

 Last weekend I participated in the 3rd Annual Whistler Paint Off competition. This event was a lot of fun - 7 of us set up outdoors in the main village square in Whistler for two 5-hour sessions, over the course of two days. We each had the same sized canvas and got to put together a single painting that the public voted on. Public vote determined the winner. Below is the step by step progress of my peacock painting. At the very bottom is a photo I'm very proud to be in - I was fortunate enough to win first and got an award presented by two great costumed ladies.