Monday, 3 October 2011

New Piece Finished

Last night I completed a new work.

I've gotten in a very good groove lately. I spend several nights per week drawing in public on the canvases, and prepping them for painting at coffee shops or other venues. This is a fun evening excursion, but also allows me to promote my work and interact with new people.

I take these pieces to the studio another couple of nights per week and work on the painted component.

This piece is an example of an evening of drawing, and an evening of studio-painting.

I'm going to be creating as many of these as possible over the next two months. The upcoming One of a Kind show in early December is a huge opportunity for my work to be promoted to new faces...and I wish to have as much new work as possible ready for it!

I'm really, really stoked about the direction this combination of drawing and painting is going....

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