Sunday, 23 October 2011

The Current State of Things No. 5

This weekend has been good in the studio. Lots of artistic messing around, experimenting, and completing new pieces.

I recently finalized three new crow pieces (Crows 4, 5 and 6) and am about to finalize #7. Below are some other interesting things I did yesterday.

I am starting a batch of several smaller (12" x 12") works where I am preparing the background surface BEFORE the drawing. Most of the time lately I have been doing the drawing, then painting, then integrating them together. This current approach I am starting will allow me to see the results of experimenting with altering the order of the comfort zone.

These are already looking like they will be more colourful, as the background surface is bright but also very complete on the surface area - my other works haven't filled the entire surface in the same way, I've been leaving negative white space. So we will see what becomes of this!!

Also here are two other works in progress, which I worked on, and posted for viewing.

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