Sunday, 16 October 2011

The Current State of Things

I'm wrapping up work on the hockey equipment commission I've been working on. Also, this weekend, I made some good progress with one of my Crow pieces.

I'm very happy with the integration of the paint on the crows. After some good critiquing with a studio mate I am going to push forward on my future pieces with a painted surface FIRST then draw on top of THAT, then apply more paint as needed. This will be to further integrate the paint to the drawn lines. I'm super stoked about the evolution of style and the body of work that is building up at my studio!

The hockey pieces are mostly finished. The stick, and skate, are complete. I'm about 75% finished the glove. My next painting session should be enough to complete that one, and then I may need to apply some "unifying" brushwork to all three at the same time, finish the edges, and finalize the set.

I've also put a shot of my studio in its current state, because it looks cool.

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