Thursday, 13 October 2011

Diceros Bicornis

Being Wednesday, I took part in my friends' and my weekly Drawing Jam @ Benny's Cafe in Vancouver. We sit around for a couple of hours and draw, chat, listen to music and engage in festive merriment.

I started work on a new piece that I'm really stoked to get working on in the studio with paint etc, as the earthiness of the rhino skin tones are going to look very good in light oil paint washes. This image has so much power to me - such an ancient animal, apparently which only has five varieties left on the planet (which is crazy to me when I think of how many varieties of dogs, crows, flies, etc we have)..

This piece is larger and is therefore going to require a second drawing session to complete the line work! (Lately all of my pieces get the drawing treatment finished in one sitting). It's 24" x 24", and with the level of complexity I like to get with the lines it definately merrits that second session.

This is a piece I would have liked to have prepared some sort of surface texture for first, but that is coming on future projects :)


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