Thursday, 28 February 2013

The Cool Result of Combining My Drawings and Animation

I made a 30 second video for a radio commercial a little while back. The radio station I made it for is called The Peak, and they are a rock station here in Vancouver. This is the finished video:

The contest involved making an ad in any medium. I noticed I was one of the only entrants to animate. I didn't win anything, but at least I made a cool video.

For me, making this video was awesome because it allowed me to deal with two themes that are prevalent in my paintings now - technology (mostly music in this instance) and the city - specifically Vancouver. 

Each of the assets was handdrawn, scanned, then turned into vector art via illustrator. I had a lot of fun making the original drawings, as they deal heavily with the black line work I enjoy working with. Since I work as a web and graphic designer, I enjoy using the Adobe suite and therefore making my drawings digital is fun. 

When I look back at this piece, it makes me want to do a few things. It makes me want to work with this look of solid colour and black and white drawings on top. Perhaps this will become a painting experiment soon! It also makes me want to make some more cool animation, although I don't see that happening as quickly as the painting. The other thing this makes me want to do is to make very busy, clustered art works on wood panel. Again, this might just pop up in the coming months! I love to experiment.

The look of the work is pretty branded - the blue colour choice was picked from the radio station's logo - this WAS an exercise in branding, afterall!

Here's the link to the final piece on youtube: The compression is a bit down because its YouTube, but the original is quite sharp! (Just as the photos are above - they are screen caps from the actual animation).

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