Friday, 1 February 2013

Golden Brush Art Battle

I recently participated in Golden Brush's Season 2, round 4 Art Battle at the Vancouver Urban Winery. The event is really neat - there are 4 teams of 2 people. Each team has 80 minutes to create a work on a 30" x 40" canvas. The fun bit is collaborating the styles and skills, and my partner Jennifer Harwood and I did a fun job of communicating ideas and working spontaneously and on-the-fly (while sticking to a loose, original plan).

I've done a few Live Painting competitions in Vancouver. I really like the whole experience. It's a fun time more than anything, a bunch of people who love to paint get together and we work in front of an audience! Time goes by at an accelerated pace, as when people are watching you and there are lights on you and you don't have time to think too much about decisions!

This is the stage set up before the painting started.

 The organizers of the show are really great. I've met a number of awesome people so far who I think for their efforts, and introducing me to great other artists!

The event was really well attended! There must have been a couple of hundred folks in there, and the energy was great. The Urban Winery is an awesome venue!

Here we are, working away on our piece! It's hard to tell if this was the first or second half from this angle :)We ended up winning the public vote. We even made it into the newspaper (Vancouver edition of 24 Hours) - that was a fun thing to read the next morning on the commute to work!

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