Monday, 15 August 2011

Surface Experimentation and Texture Supreme!

This weekend in the studio was quite explorative and productive. I worked on pieces previously begun, and started some new ones. Lots of experimentation going on. I worked on these Friday and Saturday, and took Sunday off to paint my apartment.  As per usual the iphone photos aren't exactly the best for colour representation, but at least it allows me to show you constant progress!!

I'm excited for this piece. It's a larger canvas, several feet high and about 2.5 feet wide. I've built up some nice washes and a fun colour palette over top of the tape and I really enjoy how it is looking. 

This is a canvas of about 2x2 feet. Here I've drawn the shape of a lobster over top of the background, which was painted with a lot of washes.
This is the same work, with some more paint coverage. It's more developed than this now, and I will be posting the more up to date version shortly! I am enjoying the looseness of the paint coverage, but feel that I may be focusing too much on making it a "painting" and less of a mixed media, experimental work. Sometimes I fear making my paintings look too "complete"; I take a lot of inspiration from really excellent artists in Vancouver and I am still looking to find the best balance of "purposefully incompleteness" for my work. I also enjoy combining technique and styles, so the less polished as a mere "oil painting", [perhaps] the better.
I really like what's happening with this little guy. He's only 12x12 inches, but the surface texture and background washes are working very well. I'm almost afraid to paint something on top of it!! The connection between this one and the larger canvas at the beginning of today's post are nice as I'm starting to feel some consistency amongst the work :)
This is an experimental work of acrylic paint and sharpie on foamcore. The effects are really exciting, I enjoy them a lot! It's incomplete, and I believe I will add more of the lobster drawing to this piece and likely take some inspiration from it for some newer works!

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