Friday, 5 August 2011

New Lobster Paintings and Studies

This evening in the studio was all about a focus on the claw and knuckle components of my latest "shipment" of lobster carcass parts.
I did a bit of charcoal drawing to get warmed up then worked away on two different pieces. 

I did a couple of larger charcoal studies to get myself warmed up and familiar with the pieces of lobster I brought with me to the studio this evening. This is the better of the two drawings I made. Music while working = Joel Plaskett Emergency.
This is a new 12" x 12" canvas piece I started tonight. I had previously prepared the surface - it is a nice deep canvas, with duct tape wrapped around it. I then gessoed over the entire surface, and here you can note the shapes created by a few pieces of overlapping duct tape. I really dig the effect. Music here = Pat LePoidevin

This is a piece I started yesterday. It didn't get a lot of attention today. I like the look of it, it's painted on cardboard which is a cool throwback to some of my cardboard portraits from a few years ago. Music = can't remember. 

This is the same canvas from earlier, with some more progress made. The underpainting is done with acrylic. You can make out the duct tape lines a bit more with some paint on them. I'm happy with how this piece is coming. The colours, due to my iPhone photo, are off. It's not THAT yellow :)  Music while working = CBC Radio 

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