Tuesday, 16 August 2011

If I Were A Lobster, I'd Do A Self Portrait

Today at the Studio I continued work on two pieces I had previously begun. Things are getting exciting, I'm feeling like I'm making some good leaps in my artistic development. This is because I took almost three years off from art making to go to Web Design school and work in Toronto as a designer. It wasn't until that time had passed that I realized that my artistic skills were slipping away and I had to revive them - this is when and why I quit my job in Toronto and moved to Vancouver, where I would have time to practice my art again. I'm now happily knees deep in a wonderfully vibrant art community which continues to expand! Thanks guys :) lots of love!

I worked on this new claw painting for a bit tonight. I like that I'm loosening up, and here I put the claw in a setting/context. The mixing table behind is reminiscent of my love of electronics in art. I may spend a little more time tightening up bits of this piece tomorrow before callling it finished - I like having parts of the under painting showing through. This was an important moment.

I've developed my larger lobster shell canvas some more. I'm starting to like how it is shaping up, although I want to tighten it up with more details still. I would like to have a little more of the underpainting showing through, but I will maintain that mindset for my next work. Regardless this guy is coming together both as a work and as a teaching tool/learning process.

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