Monday, 22 April 2013

Very Cool Feedback Based on Observation

I had a pretty rockin' weekend doing the Make-It show here in Vancouver. I had a booth set up with a number of originals, and new prints and greeting cards I have started developing as an entrepreneurial project.

The good thing about these shows is that based on numbers, you get to guage what is most popular. For me, that meant that my greeting cards and prints sold in distinct sets.

For example I discovered that certain Vancouver images sold like hot cakes and more generic ones didn't really at all. I learned that even though both of these prints are very cool images, the First one of the Woodward's W-sign sold significantly higher than the parking meter piece:

When it came to my originals, the situation was interesting to observe as well. I presented several of my smaller, 12" x 12" panels. I have been studying various parts of the city with these "Urban Snapshot" pieces. I found that the ones that show spatial depth and environment were more popular (and sold) versus the ones that were an object study.

For example, the first two images below sold. The third and fourth ones did not. Furthermore, I had the most feedback on the alleyway/spatial ones (the first two). 

This is interesting information as it reminds me what appeals to particular audiences. While I don't dictate my work based on mass response, it is certainly good information to have at one's disposal. It's always good to receive feedback and critiques in any means possible..even if it is based on statistical analysis and response!

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