Thursday, 1 November 2012

New Body of Abstract Works

I've admittedly not posted on here for a little while. I post consistently to my facebook page, My excuse shall be that I've been too busy preparing a whole new series of abstract paintings :)

Previously I've shown some in - progress shots of them, but here are a selection of the complete ones/ones that are nearing completion.

These are being created for an annual open studios tour here in Vancouver called the Eastside Culture Crawl. It's a really great event where the general public gets to experience hundreds of artists and their studios. I like it because it shows a whole new set of people artwork they may not otherwise experience, and seems to do so in a very fun and unpretentious way (the way I prefer to see and present art).

Here are a few sneak peek images of what I'll be showing. I have some animal works to exhibit too, although I'm using this opportunity to exhibit the new direction of the abstract works.

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