Monday, 25 June 2012

A Couple Of New Pieces

I'm currently working on some new works for my next show, which will be happening in early August. The show is called Harmony Arts, and it will be in Ambelside Park in West Vancouver.

One subseries I am working on is a collection of parrots. After I made my 100 sushi paintings, I became very involved with colour combination/experimentations. I'm taking that approach and applying it to some larger pieces, and since the natural colours available with this subject are so bold, bright and fun to interpret, I figured it would be a great reason to create this subseries.

In addition my giraffe piece is really coming together. The image below is from two days ago at the studio, and it has since been reworked further (newer image coming asap). Yesterday I worked on it at Greek Day here in Vancouver, to an incredibly amazing and responsive audience. I was out on the street drawing on it for five hours and it is now 75% complete.


  1. I really love the colors and style in the top image and of course i love the giraffes...they were my favorite animal as a child.

    1. Thanks! Im really liking this piece. I worked a bunch on it yesterday and cant wait to finish work so i can get back to the studio tonight!