Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Some Pieces in Progress

Again I'm experimenting and trying new techniques. I have a few upcoming shows and want to have some new methods/subjects to focus on. I'm still way into birds, but as you can see, I'm going to work with them in some various ways.

Some ideas I want to explore include this new 'stencil' effect with the dots, achieved by rubbing paint through paper with holes in it.

I'm looking to push the idea of dichotomies, and working with the first two panel piece of the rooster heads is a step in that direction.

One of a long list of desired subject matter includes insect studies - the first of which is here, in its current drawn stage.

The two in-progress painted pieces of the bird claw and hawk are working well with the new stencilling effect, I'm happy with this new discovery :)

The first image is an abstract study with colour and texture. Not sure yet where it'll go :)

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